International Osteopathic Healthcare Week #IOHW

International Osteopathic Healthcare Week

Members of Osteopathy BC (the Society for the Promotion of Manual Practice Osteopathy) are proud to be celebrating International Osteopathic Healthcare Week. From April 19th – 25th, 2015 we aim to raise awareness about our profession in order to encourage more people to experience the benefits of osteopathy.

This is an exciting time for osteopathic practitioners because we are part of a growing professional community across the globe. The International Osteopathic Healthcare Week is lead by the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA), which represents more than 75 organizations from 30 countries on 5 continents and more than 120,000 osteopathic practitioners. Osteopathy BC is honoured to be a part of this worldwide network.

Members of Osteopathy BC will be raising awareness of the safe and effective benefits of osteopathy through a variety of ways.

Our online awareness campaign includes:

·      Posting daily educational, informative, and inspiring messages and graphics on Facebook and Twitter.

o   Our Facebook campaign is aimed at sharing how osteopathic practitioners have a unique approach to healthcare.

o   Our Twitter campaign is focused on the benefits that patients experience from osteopathic treatments.

·      New profile image of our new logo for Osteopathy BC

·      New profile banner and graphic about Healthcare Week

·      Search for the hashtags #OsteopathyBC, #Osteopathy, and ##IOHW2015 to see what topics are trending.

Our in-person awareness campaign includes:

·      A mini-poster to be given to all patients and clients, and distributed amongst the community. This poster is called “Reasons To Choose Osteopathy”, and shares all the benefits patients receive from treatment.

·      A tent-card to be displayed in practitioners’ offices. This tent card explains “What Makes Osteopathy So Effective.”

·      Saying “thank-you” to our patients, clients, and community… that’s you!

We anticipate that our campaign will strengthen the relationships we have with our community. We hope it encourages existing patients to talk about osteopathy, and share their positive experiences with friends and family. Also, we invite people who are curious about osteopathy, and what it could do for their health, to call their local osteopathic practitioner and schedule a treatment.

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